Qi Gong - Thousands of Years Old

In China, the martial arts have been popular for thousands of years. All of the higher level Masters of Martial Arts had to learn qi gong first. They needed to learn a system of qi gong which was effective. They needed a special kind of qi gong which enabled them to, not only develop an unusually strong body and health, but also develop their energy to a very high level. There were many, many qi gong schools but not very many of them developed exceptionally strong bodies and energy with quick results.

The very high-level Masters were rare. The kinds of qi gong practices which they needed to learn, were very complicated. It was necessary for the Master to be present when they were being taught and they tended to keep their teaching within their own schools. This is why only a small number of people ever learned these techniques throughout history and this is why these techniques are not very common.

The Tradition of Golden Shield Qi Gong

Traditionally, the training was passed down from the Master to only a few students. The tradition of Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong originated five hundred years ago in the temples on Emei Mountain in Western China. In this generation, it was passed down from Master Yang Jin Gui in China. He was a high-level Master of Martial Arts. He was the head of martial arts training in the Sino-Japanese War and instructed the Chinese army in hand to hand combat. Most of the army did not have good weapons. They had to wait until the enemy was very close and needed to use the close fighting techniques. Master Yang was one of only a few individuals from all over China to receive the highest honor certificate of Master of Tai Chi (Taiji). He is remembered as the "Jewel of China".

Master Yang was quite knowledgeable of the qi gong training which are good for health. He taught Tai Chi (Taiji) and qi gong, informally, to thousands of students in the parks in China. When he turned fifty, he accepted formal students. He taught nineteen formal students in all. His 19th student is Dr. Dongxun Zhang, DAOM, PhD. Before Dr. Zhang came to the United States from China, Master Yang transmitted all the teachings of this tradition to him and gave him his blessings to teach this tradition to anyone wishing to learn.


Dr. Zhang has found that these rare qi gong forms are not only valuable for the high-level Masters of Martial Arts, but they are also valuable for everybody to build a strong body and high level of energy. This is why he emphasizes the health aspects of these forms.

Dr. Zhang introduced Golden Shield Qi Gong to the West in the early 1990's, having developed the knowledge for health and longevity rather than as a martial art. He believes that this system can help strengthen the skeletal structure, prevent osteoporosis, strengthen the muscles without bulk, sharpen the reflexes and senses, move qi and blood, and increase energy and vitality.